Grew up with vines
Ronchi di Cialla
History and tradition
This family has thus become an uncommon heir of ancient traditions on one hand and modern scientific knowledge on the other making this small family business out of the ordinary.
Ronchi di Cialla
Linked to our land
Life of a family in the historic vineyards of Friuli
The land
The sunny slopes of the small Cialla valley have been planted with vineyards for centuries.
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The policy we adopted with vineyards also guides our winemaking process.
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Biodiversity Friends
Roncs, in the dialect of Friuli, means vinery cultivated hills. Cialla is a small valley.
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Ronchi di Cialla
Our wines
In 1970 a family run agricultural company was founded here – which was the passion of Paolo and Dina Rapuzzi and now continues with their sons Pierpaolo and Ivan – aiming to valorise ancient vineries of Friuli origin in accordance with a philosophy aimed at a selected production of extremely high quality wines.