Tasting dinner 5 Marzo 2013 NYC

Il 5 Marzo alle ore 7:30 al Ristorante Spina di New York si terra’ una favolosa cena degustazione.

Sara’ un’ottima occasione per degustare i nostri vini che accompagneranno i piatti dello Chef Joe Marcus. Vi aspettiamo numerosi all’evento!

Picolit di Cialla

Ecco il Menu’

Tuesday, March 5th 2013

@ 7:30 pm


butternut squash, parsnip, pistachio, mint

with an orange and red wine vinaigrette

Ronchi di Cialla, Cialla Bianco 2008 – Friuli, IT



prosciutto san daniele, black kale, vanilla and balsamic drizzle

Ronchi di Cialla, Cialla Rosso 2008 1.5mL – Friuli, IT



pumpkin seed and curry crusted with sweet potato puree, root vegetables and lamb jus

Ronchi di Cialla, Schioppettino 2007 – Friuli, IT



pantaleo goat’s milk from Stinky Brooklyn

Ronchi di Cialla, Verduzzo 2006 – Friuli, IT

tasting menu with paired wines $99

Executie Chef:

 Joe Marcus

please call 212-253-2250 to make a reservation

Spina will be hosting an evening of wines from the renowned Friulian producer Ronchi di Cialla and representative Ivan Rapuzzi will be speaking on behalf of his family estate on Tuesday, March 5th.

Famous for rescuing Schioppettino from extinction in the 1970s as well as their delicious Cialla Bianco that ages with elegance and tenacity.

The Ronchi di Cialla estate is strictly a family business. While Dina and Paolo Rapuzzi, who founded it in 1970, were attracted by wine growing as a way of living, their children Pierpaolo and Ivan belong to a generation that “grew up with vines”. Both of them have, in fact, a degree in Food Sciences and are agrarian experts; they firmly support the Ronchi di Cialla policy and immemorial wine making tradition in Friuli. This family has thus become an uncommon heir of ancient traditions on one hand and modern scientific knowledge on the other making this small family business out of the ordinary.