Friulan grapes of Cialla certified Biodiversity Friendly

Biodiversity friend

An important resource.
Biological diversity is one of the fundamental resources for man.

Biological diversity is one of the fundamental resources for humans as is water and energy resources.

Biodiversity indicates the amount of animal and plant species living in a given area of land and represents the most important resource of our planet’s natural systems.

Maintaining a high bio diverse environment must be a primary objective for activities of production, especially in the agricultural field, where biodiversity is an invaluable asset for a sustainable agriculture that takes into consideration the future of the planet.

In order to protect biodiversity, the right to exist of every organism, environmental balances and avoidance of the extinction of precious organisms, are all necessary actions to maximise the reduction of the impacts of production processes on the environment and for the support of actions encouraging sustainability.

The sensitivity and competence gained by Ivan and Pierpaolo Rapuzzi in the naturalistic field (entomological) have led to Ronchi di Cialla being certified in 2015 as a ‘Biodiversity Friendly’ company across the entire cultivated area and on all the company’s production.