Our red wines

Red wines

At the producer’s. Prolonged maceration for 4-5 weeks; local yeasts; pump-over twice daily. Maturation in French oak barriques for 14-18 months and further ageing in bottles for 30-36 months. Potential ageing at the purchaser’s: 20-25 years. Particular vintages are gradually reached at a much later age.

Vineyard’s Geographical Location

Cialla Valley in the commune of Prepotto (Udine) – Friuli.


Cjastenet; 3.00 ha; South South West exposure; altitude: 150-200m; Roncjs; 0.56 ha; terraced hills; South South East exposure; altitude: 165-180m; family-owned. Average age of vines: 50 years.

Grape variety

100% Schioppettino


Selective hand-picked harvest. Harvesting time: second half of October.


Eocene Marne and Marnous sandstone, alternated with carbonatic blocks.


Balanced ruby red with bright reflections.


Bouquet of exceptional elegance and personality. The clearest aromas are those of white pepper and small red fruits, currants and blackberries, intriguing balsamic and undergrowth (sous-bois) notes.

Tasting notes

Flavourful, with fruity sensations, well-balanced minerality; the support tannin is fragrant and well ripe. Although a wine of good structure, it has a refined and almost silky balance; it is baroque, aristocratic, of great elegance and long life; full character and racy.


Dry red


It combines with elegant dishes that recall the spiciness and finesse of the wine. It also marries well with traditional dishes such as roasted white and red meat; meat with light sauces; free range poultry and feathered game; mushroom-based dishes, medium and hard crust cheeses, medium-flavoured cheeses. With ageing, it acquires complexity and elegance and is an excellent accompaniment to white and summer truffles.

Serving temperature


Serving suggestions

Uncork the bottle a few minutes earlier, or more, depending on the age of the vintage.


Traditional Bordeaux bottle, to be stored flat.


Cork from MM Ø 26 x 49.

Suggested wine glass

Large, tall and slender glass; filled to a third, it lends itself to the best to enhancing the wine’s great elegance.

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