Refosco dal peduncolo rosso, Vini Rossi da Vitigni Friulani Selezionati di Cialla

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Refosco dal peduncolo rosso

Estate grown and bottled. Prolonged maceration for 4 weeks; Native yeasts; Pump-over twice daily. Maturation in 90% French oak barrels and 10% Slavonian oak for 14-18 months and further ageing in bottle for 50 months. Potential ageing in the bottle: 20-25 years with some vintages able to evolve even longer.

Vineyard’s Geographical Location

Cialla Valley in the commune of Prepotto (Udine) – Friuli.


Roncjs; 1.72 ha. terraced hills; South-South-East exposure; altitude: 150-165m; family-owned; average age of vines: 50 years.

Grape variety

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.


Selective hand-picked harvest. Harvest Time: early October.


Eocene Marne and Marnous sandstones.


Intense ruby red with fleeting purple reflections


Warm and intense aromas. Immediate flavors of cherry and blackberry jam, and spice with mineral notes such as graphite; when young, it is full and intense; when aged, it is enriched with elegant sensations that recall liquorice and spices.

Tasting notes

In the mouth it is immediately voluminous, warm and well balanced; the mineral complexity is enriched by the sweet tannin, which enhances its verticality. At the rear of the mouth, the sensation is full and fragrant.It is potent, rich, modern and at the same time austere; powerful structure and character of great elegance.


Dry red.


Red meat roasts; furred game; grilled mixed meat or stewed in red wine; Italian-style salamis, full-flavour cheeses (not spicy).

Serving temperature


Serving suggestions

Uncork the bottle a few minutes before, or even earlier, according to the ageing of the vintage.


Bordeaux type, green, to be stored flat.


Cork from MM Ø 26 x 50.

Suggested wine glass

Wide and large; with turned-in rim, which helps to retain its intense aroma, rendering it exquisite at every sip.

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