Our white wines

White wines

1 or 2 day-skin-contact; fermentation follows, carried out by only local yeasts, in barriques. Subsequent maturation in the same barriques for 24 months. Additional 24 months of ageing in bottle. Suitable for ageing.

Vineyard’s Geographical Location

Cialla Valley in the commune of Prepotto (Udine) – Friuli.


Only in the best vintages and from a rigorous selection of the grapes produced in the Picolit/PICOLISCJS vineyard; 1.03.94 ha; terraced hills; soil: Eocene marl; South exposure; altitude 250-300 m; family-owned.
Average age of vines: 20 + years.

Grape variety

100% Picolit


Straw yellow load.


Opulent and rich bouquet albeit very elegant; the floral notes are mixed with hints of chestnut and acacia honey and a marked minerality.

Tasting notes

Soft and full-bodied attack that recalls the olfactory range with coherence; the finish is surprisingly fresh and elegant thanks to the strong mineral and balsamic notes. Great austerity and character.


Dry White.


Alone, it is a great ‘meditation’ wine but it is very well accompanied with tagliolini with roe, shellfish and cheeses, even full-flavour ones.

Serving temperature


Serving suggestions

Uncork the bottle a few hours before serving.


Bordeaux type with a dead leaf colour, to be stored flat.


Cork from MM Ø 26 x 45.

Suggested wine glass

Large, tall and rounded glass; filled to a third, it allows the wine to gently and gradually manifest its elegant bouquet.

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